Once I had three deer (I)

In autumn 1988 Michaela Taschek and her small brother Max won an award for the most astonishing skyscraper model that was ever built out of Duplo bricks. They were invited to several talks about architecture all around the world and met famous people just as David Chipperfield („This building must come true“), Renzo Piano („It touches my heart as none of my own buildings has ever done before“ and and Daniel Libeskind („I am renting the 84th floor, no matter what“). Back from a conference in London the unbelievable happened. Unrecognized by most newspapers in the rest of the world the small town in Lower Austria they still called their home was hit by an earthquake measuring 8,1 on the Richter scale. Noone was seriously hurt (Michaela had a bruise on her knee shaped like a bird, Max hit his right shoulder) thanks to an ugly but soft carpet in the living room and the earthquake-emergency-training their mother forced them to attend some months before but the skyscraper collapsed in front of their eyes. Deeply saddened about the loss and unable to ever build something of the same beauty again they crossed architects off their list of possible future jobs. Till their 18th birthday they received christmas presents from various world famous architects. Especially the life-sized T-Rex made out of papier maché that Sir Norman Foster sent them in 1995 made both of them very happy.

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