This is the place where Nico is buried. Eva and I visited her on one of my last days in Berlin. It was cold but the snow was gone. Later on we went to a strange restaurant and looked at abandoned plastic animals. After that we took a bus home that only old people shared with us.

There is a picture of Nico on which she stands behind a bowl filled with oranges and bananas. Eva sent it to me and wrote: ‚Back then they had no interesting fruits.‘ Reading this sentence you might understand why I like her so much.

(I wonder how Nico’s funeral was like. If Lou Reed and all the others came to Berlin and walked through this forrest that seems to be neverending. I wonder which songs were played and how it sounded and I wonder who was the first person who came there and drank a bottle of wine next to the grave. For some reasons I think it was at a bright night and the person thought he’d always remember.)

If you ever think about going to Berlin you should all make this journey to this old and lonely graveyrad in the middle of the forrest. Next to Nico you could also visit some nameless russians who killed themselves because they couldnt cope with the end of the tsar regime, or the small gravestones of four children who all died at the day before Christmas in the early eighties or the grave of Minna Braun who was declared dead twice.

Or look for the grave of Lilo. Whoever she has been someone woke up once and his first thought was about her.

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