you are my very special one

and i listen to this song and I remember sitting in a yellow VW-Van and driving through Czech republic back to Vienna and I remember calling you to tell you that I will be at your house in about twenty minutes and I remember walking by the Naschmarkt and ringing your door bell and I remember saying „I guess I am back“ when I really meant it that way and we were walking up the stairs and we were kissing and it didnt feel strange and that was what made it strange and i remember being ready to leave again for days maybe weeks I was ready to do that but I didnt. I just stayed and I remember how the days went by and you waiting for me after work and us looking for squirrels and the first ice cream of the year and all the fresh made orangejuice in the morning and all the not empty coffee cups and trying to solve crosswords in a language I barely speak. And I listen to this song and I remember my mountain and your sea and the ship outside your window and us and the boars and us and the coffeehouses and us and the day we finally went iceskating.

And I remember sitting next to you and watching you how you tried to make a hole into your newly bought belt and I remember to look at you and you looking back at me for some seconds and I remember:

Happiness was all I felt.

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