She moved too often. Maybe because she’s too afraid of being forgotten. The problem is: she kind of forgot herself.

Maybe you have to decide: Either you stay in one place and deal with the possibility that people at (and) other places forget you as you are so far away and they can’t touch your face when they feel like it. Or you aimlessly move between places and you aimlessly knock at doors and say hello and goodbye. You collect the meetings with people like children collect stones and you get tired of not being able to make comittments when that’s actually the only thing you are looking for. And you are tired because of all the maybes but also happy and sitting in a café with your friends the whole afternoon always feels the most magical if you know that you will be gone soon (and also that you will be back at some point).

So you might lose or you might be forgotten.

She really has to learn to cope with that.

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