Last days

On Monday I was the happiest and saddest girl in town. Today I am just confused.

Anna and Ian played such wonderful concerts in my living room and I thought by myself: How can I stop moving away if it makes such amazing evenings happen?

I’m not a person of big words today but I want to thank Berlin for these short and cold and sometimes lonely but overall very happy months. I want to thank all these people who came by and drank tea with me, who baked cookies with me, who danced and laughed with me. I want to thank for the evening in kitchens, living rooms, Spätis, bars, clubs, concert halls, streets. I want to thank for the days when we ate huge breakfast, drank too much coffee, built a snowman, drove too far with the bus, meandered over the airport (againandagain), sat in the  park and just didnt let the cold happen. I want to thank for all these words that were spoken and the silence at the right time. And I want to thank the cat that used to live here a long time before me who made us sit on the bed and think about the most exciting cat-stories.

A very old and very sad russian man once said: Home is where the trees know you not where you know the trees. – I do know now that Berlin will always be a warm and welcoming home for me.

Please listen to Anna and listen to Ian and Simon and how they made my farewell-evening magical again and again . Listen and sigh and be sure you spend your next months in the right place. 2011 will be good if you let it.

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